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Course Description:
Respecting clients' rights to confidentiality is an important part of providing good home care. Privacy rights are legally enforced through a federal law titled HIPAA. This DVD describes HIPAA guidelines and teaches home care providers about the importance of maintaining confidentiality in a variety of settings. Topics include: respecting client's right to privacy, definition and purpose of HIPAA, most common identifiers of Protected Health Information (PHI), the Minimum Use requirement, medical records management and security, HIPAA guidelines for telephone and fax, computer security and more.
Course Objective:

Upon completion of this training, the participant will:

   • Understand the Privacy Act of HIPAA
   • Recognize the common identifiers of Protected Health Information
   • Know the importance of keeping client information private in a variety of
   • Learn effective communication tools in regard to privacy
   • Understand who is authorized to receive protected health information
   • Learn computer, PDA and fax security

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