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Institute for Professional Care Education
Home Care Medications
Home Care Medications - A Vital Part of Your Client's Wellbeing Many elderly people have at least one medical condition, this course will explain how medications can help to control and/or prevent health problems to improve a person’s wellbeing as well as extending and enhancing the ability to live independently longer.  The elderly take more medications than any other age group and are more likely to expe ...

Home Care Medications - Documentation of Medication Handling This course covers what caregivers will need to be familiar with when documenting medications as well as instruction on what needs to be reported. It includes specific instructions on what is required for each document or report. Also, this course covers medication safety when dispensing, and how to prevent and correct medication errors.

Home Care Medications - Managing and Assisting with Medications This course prepares the caregiver to manage medications and make sure that no errors occur by using a medication management checklist. This course also covers the 5 rights of medications and the methods for various routes of medications.

Home Care Medications - Safely Monitoring Medication Managing medications is an important and vital responsibility.  It is important to make sure that no errors occur when managing medication as such errors can result in serious complications or even the death of a client.

Home Care Medications - Understanding the Prescription Many seniors encounter problems with their medications because they do not follow directions consistently.  If you are a caregiver for an elderly client, you can be a great help by ensuring that the client takes his medications routinely and as ordered.  To do this successfully, you need to be able to understand the prescription on the co ...